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Birth Control

Birth Control Consultation

Choosing whether to use birth control is a big decision, and it should be an informed one. How, though, can you get access to reliable information about birth control pills or contraceptive patches? Sure, you could look up information online or speak to a busy, overworked CVS pharmacist. But decisions about birth control are highly specific to each particular patient. Dr. Google is hardly equipped to understand the intricacies of your hormonal balance and contraceptive needs.

If you’re interested in a judgment-free space to learn about different kinds of birth control, you’re in luck! The pharmacists at Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy are extensively trained in all areas of contraceptive care; they’re extremely knowledgeable and can prescribe both birth control pills and patches. Consultations are only $50 and include a medical assessment alongside a conversation about your unique needs. Once you decide if you’d like to move forward, our pharmacists can prescribe a contraceptive pill or birth control patch for up to 12 months. Patients under 18 years of age can consult with Rocky Point Pavilion’s experts as well, all they need is consent from a parent or guardian. Making a smart decision about birth control can be easy. Call 910-210-2030 to schedule a consultation today.

Call the pharmacy at 910-210-2030 to schedule a consultation today,

Birth Control

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