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Pill Packs

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One of the toughest things about taking prescription drugs is keeping track of what to take when. Who hasn’t forgotten to take a pill or change a patch, only to remember when you begin to feel a little (or a lot) off? This is especially tough when you have some prescriptions that are daily, while others need to be taken every few days or once a week. Sure, there are great pill organizers out there. Still, even the best pill organizer requires the manual labor of divvying up tablets and ensuring each little case has the correct dosage. The mental load can be stressful, to say the least.

What if you could outsource that role to a trained professional? Well, now you can. When you sign up for a Pill Pack service, the pharmacists at Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy will carefully divide your prescriptions into daily doses for you. They’ll deliver your pills and patches in helpfully doled out packets. All you need to do is pluck out the daily packet and take your medication. Organizing pills is an important job — it should be done by experts.

To learn more about our Pill Pack service, call (910) 210-2030 today. 

Pill Packs
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