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COVID-19 Vaccine Booking

Not all prescription drugs come in pill or patch form. Some long-term prescriptions, such as hormonal treatments, certain contraceptives, and specific vitamin supplements (among others), have to be injected. These prescription medications are commonly known as injectables. There are a lot of reasons a patient might be prescribed an injectable. Perhaps you want to be on birth control, but can’t take a contraceptive based on estrogen or have a tendency to forget taking pills. In that case, your pharmacist or doctor may recommend an injectable birth control alternative, like Depo Provera.

It’s not uncommon to take injectable medications, but many people shy away from the idea of using a needle to administer their own prescription drugs. If that’s you, you’ll be glad to know the pharmacists at Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy have got your back. Not all pharmacists have the specialty training necessary to provide injectable care, but ours do. Our specialists know how to make any patient comfortable and to ensure they receive the medication they need with ease. Whether you need a vitamin B12 shot, a contraceptive shot, a testosterone injection, or any other long acting medication, our pharmacists will make the experience easy.

Call (910) 210-2030 today to set up your appointment. 

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