Prevent Falls at Home

We are pleased to offer the complete line of Nova Medical Products at our pharmacies. Their home safety products can prevent injuries and make mobility a bit easier for our senior customers who
want to remain independent.
Did you know that over 60% of falls occur at home, and the majority of those falls occur in the bathroom? And, one in three adults aged 65 or older fall each year. Every year, 235,000 people over age 15 visit the emergency room for injuries suffered in the bathroom. Being proactive can keep you safe and prevent injuries.
Here are some helpful tips and tools to guide you:nova

  • Never lock your bathroom door. It could prevent help from reaching you promptly. Instead, use a Do Not Disturb sign.
  • If you have trouble getting on and off a chair, then you are also having trouble getting on and off a toilet. An elevated toilet seat and handrails can make all the difference.
  • Getting in and out of the tub or shower can be tricky, and holding on to the sink or towel rack isn’t safe. Using grab bars is a much better option.
  • A bath bench with back provides comfort and safety when bathing or showering. This should be used with an 84″ long hand held shower.
  • Use a non-skid bath mat in the bathtub and the shower floor to prevent slipping.
  • Set water heater thermostats at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower to avoid scalds.
  • Use shower gel instead of bar soap that can slip out of your hands and onto the floor.
  • Install a night light that comes on automatically in dim light.
  • Mark water faucets clearly with “hot” and “cold” labels. Replace faucet handles with easy to use levers.

We have several Nova Products in stock including:

  • Walkers and accessories
  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Back cushions
  • Back sponges
  • Bath seats and cushions
  • Grab bars
  • Shoe horns with extended reach arm
  • Hand exercisers
  • Reachers
  • Hand held shower

The Groove walker comes standard with two seat heights, locking hand brakes, padded seat, under seat pouch, flip-up back, 8” wheels and it’s fold-able/collapsible to make it easy to take with you. You can also get several accessories for it including a flashlight, cane holder, bag holder, and basket to name a few.
Available with and without arms, our Nova bath seats are all standard with aluminum frames, sturdy plastic seats with drainage holes, skid-resistant rubber tips and some models can accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight.
Our Nova canes come in a large selection of colors and patterns to meet the unique tastes and styles of our customers. All canes are made with high-quality, lightweight aluminum and are easy to adjust.
Our wide selection of Nova cushions, pillows, and wedges are available to help you sit and sleep in comfort. Gel-foam, memory foam, egg crate foam, and adjustable air foam cushions let you select the seat that’s perfect for your needs. All cushions either washable, or have removable and washable covers. Get a good night’s sleep by using leg wedges, knee supports, neck, shoulder and back supports.
Stop by and check our all of these products for you or a loved one. We want to help keep you independent and safe at home.
Thanks to Nova Medical Products for the great information!