2015 In Review

Looking back at 2015, we have covered many topics that, hopefully, have been of interest and help to you. If, by chance, you’ve missed any of them, the full list of articles along with their links are listed below.
We are thankful to all of our customers more than you’ll ever know and look forward to serving you in 2016.
Elderly Care
Caregiver Tips
Be Informed about Medications
Be a Good Neighbor

Heart Care
Heart Awareness Month
Keeping Your Heart in Shape (Part One)
Keeping Your Heart in Shape (Part Two)
Diabetic Care
Foot Care
Eating Well
Diabetic Risk Test
Health Tips and News
Healthy Summers
Benefits of Drinking Water
Blood Donations
Handling Stress
Getting a Good Night Sleep
When to Take Antibiotics
Vitamin Tips
Women’s Health Tips
Travel Tips
Joint Pain Prevention
Kids Health
Juvenile Arthritis
Are your Teenagers Getting Enough Sleep?
Summer Camp
Back to School
Disease Awareness
Colorectal Cancer Awareness
Measles Facts
Is it Acid Reflux or Heartburn?
Alzheimers Disease
Skin Care
How to Treat Acne
Damaging Effects of the Sun
Weight Management
Eating Less over the Holidays
Underlying Causes of Weight Gain
Colds and Flu
Time for Your Flu Shot
Winning the Sore Throat Battle
Treating a Sore Throat
Pharmacy News
American Pharmacist Month
Pharmacists are a Trusted Resource
Clinical Trial Participation
Great American Smokeout
FDA Approvals
End of 2014 Drug Approvals
First Quarter Drug Approvals

Second Quarter Drug Approvals
Two New Drugs Approved
Drug Abuse Issues
Drug Take-Back Day
Project Lazarus
Poison Prevention
HIV Outbreak
Be Street Smart